Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zebrafish genome joins GRC

The Genome Reference Consortium has expanded to take over the maintenance and improvement of the zebrafish genome sequence.

The zebrafish genome was sequenced by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The GRC has recognised the high quality of the current zebrafish genome assembly Zv9, and its importance as a model organism genome. The consortium has therefore committed to further improve the zebrafish genome sequence and to maintain it for an unlimited time in the future. Work has started to replace whole genome shotgun sequence with high quality finished clone sequence, close remaining gaps and place yet unlocalized sequence.

The GRC's web pages are available to the community to report genome issues and track progress of the clone path development and assembly generation. 

Please send us your questions and comments to or to the GRC directly. Your input is highly valued and helps us to improve the support for your research!

Photo courtesy of Lukas Roth
Zebrafish Genome Project home page
Zebrafish assembly Zv9 in pre Ensembl
Zebrafish clone path in Vega